OutPOCPAC is a non-profit, non-partisan effort to improve the lives of LGBTTS People of Color by advancing a progressive and multi-faceted agenda of racial, economic, sexual and gender justice.

We are truly grassroots, and therefore rely on your contributions to do our work.
In addition to membership, OutPOCPAC would be grateful to receive donations of the following:

  • Check made payable to OutPOCPAC to support our activities
  • Stamps
  • Envelopes (#10)
  • Mailing labels
  • Copy paper
  • Gift certificates to a store that would sell any of the above

Checks and small items should be sent to:

351 West 114th Street
Suite #4A-4B
New York, NY 10026

Larger items, please call Doug Robinson at (917) 804-9579.

Thank you in advance for your generous support of OutPOCPAC.